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It is indeed what most growing companies and even those BIG ONES have resorted to and are still doing till now. Let’s have Google and Alibaba for example. Aside from having great business strategies, these two giant companies have one thing in common: OUTSOURCING.

From outsourcing their web developers to outsourced partners for production, Alibaba has done it all and is still doing this practice to date.
Google for instance has outsourced their email and chat support for AdWords, commonly known as Google Ads at present.


It’s a business strategy that any small to large scale company can adapt to.

How OUTSOURCING can OPTIMIZE your business.​

Costs Less

Outsourcing costs significantly less than setting up in-house processes.

Increase Levels

Outsourcing can promote increased levels of productivity and efficiency.


Outsourcing can guarantee expertise in almost every department or field.

Focus More

Outsourcing allows you to focus on growing your business.


Outsourcing can help you integrate innovative technologies into your business processes.


Outsourcing can let you have an instant team.

Our Services

Customer Service and Back Office Support

A growing business means that you are gaining customers and increasing demands on your business.

Data Entry Processes

Data entry functionalities are one of the most typical back-office
tasks that businesses of all sizes need assistance with.

Order Processing and Fulfillment for E-commerce

Our order processing and fulfillment for e-commerce solutions.

Email Support Services

Maintaining continuous and unstinting communication with your clients is essential for the success of your customer relationship efforts.

Live Chat Support Services

Live chat support is turning out to be an easy, convenient and efficient method for marketing new products and services.

Knowledge Process Outsourcing

With our range of services, our clients can FOCUS on EXPANDING their businesses rather than just managing its mundane tasks.

Digital Marketing

JAV Resource Corp understands the problems faced by small businesses in the digital economy.

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